Is Your Working Life anything like Anne’s?

Access the incredible transformational power of your awareness, energy and emotions and live the worklife you deserve!


You do NOT have to live with, and be at the mercy of your limitations, deep personal issues, and the reactions that sabotage you;

Eliminate your negative reactions, Transform old patterns of behaviour, and Redirect your Energy to Create the life you want!


Your Meaningful Work Life awaits you! Find out how you can make it your reality!

What Are ‘Consciousness Technologies’?

Consciousness Technologies are the latest, cutting edge approaches to reconnecting with your true abilities.

This approach is focused on aligning your Mind and Heart so that you can take Powerful Congruent Action

Right now, you have conflict between how you THINK your life should be and how you actually FEEL it is, this CONFLICT keeps you from being the best version of yourself.

You have the ability and the power inside you to change this, you have probably felt it before when you were in a moment where everything was just effortless and perfect… Those moments still live inside you and it’s just simply a case of clearing away the junk to allow that deep inner confidence, power, and potential to materialise into your everyday life!

Your Deeper Awareness knows all there is to know about you and your Body has been trying to communicate that to you through your reactions and responses to the world around you.

Accessing Your Deeper Awareness gives you the starting point from which powerful, profound, and lasting change can be brought into your life and where Real, Tangible, and Measurable transformations become something that is part of your ‘normal’ world.

Alignment of the Heart and Mind allows you to take Powerful Congruent Action, you will move forwards, expanding into a Work Life full of purpose, passion, and meaning.

This is what Consciousness Technologies means in the ‘real’ world; creating deep fundamental changes for the Emotional, Physical, Psychological, and Spiritual aspects of your Self, and Ultimately, creating what you will experience and achieve HERE, in THIS LIFE.

WHY Work Life? 

Simple; you spend more than 2/3 of your waking hours working. In a 12 hour day you will have used up 8+ hours either In work, or thinking/worrying about work.  Imagine if you resolve your issues around this area, if you could save the energy that you currently waste:

  • You would have more time and energy to do the things that you want to
  • You could spend more time with your loved ones
  • You can explore your passions and creativity in ways you haven’t since childhood
  • You will finally start taking action that feels in line with a deeper purpose
  • You can ultimately break free of your limits and truly make a difference in the world…!

3 Key Barriers

(that can get in your way)

Lack of Direction

Not having clear direction results in feeling overwhelmed and confused. You can overthink and overanalyse in trying to force the answers out, but this just leads to even more confusion that prevents you moving forward. In truth your sense of direction is not in your HEAD but in your HEART. Deep inside YOU DO know what it is that you want to do. I will help you to find this and develop direction.


The thoughts and feelings of “What If I leave my current work and can’t pay the bills?”, “What if I fail?”, or “What if I don’t find something I’m happy with?” can keep you standing still. However, where fear can stop you it can also motivate you. I will help you to discover what your fear is protecting you from and will teach you how to master it and redirect all that wasted energy towards creating your ideal work situation.


Are you wasting your time and energy focusing on past regrets and feeling hopeless instead of moving FORWARDS? When you put your energy on reliving the past you are NOT using that energy to create what you want. I will help you to use some powerful and effective tools for breaking free of this cycle, and will help you to move forward and take congruent Action in all areas of your Work Life.



Although many of my limitations are related to death, marriage breakdown, and other feelings of loss, my sessions with Wai have been far from depressing and sad; they have been enlightening, exhilarating with laughs and giggles galore. I used to believe that I needed approval from family and friends before I took on any project, and accepted any negative comments willingly. I no longer need or want the approval of my peers. My life and awareness now just get better and better.

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When, at the conclusion of my 12 week programme, Wai reminded me of the problems I had when I first approached him, they seemed like a dim, distant memory of a life long ago!  It was hard to believe that the confident, intuitive person I have now become had been plagued by internal conflict, guilt and the need to be in control – just 12 weeks earlier.  I have embarked on an amazing, fun journey with Wai, who has enabled me to transform myself in ways that would have been hard to imagine when I first contacted him.

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Meet Wai

My Name is Wai Cheung, I’m the owner & Lead Coach at Trans.Form.

I work with Heart-Centred Professionals who feel trapped in a job that drains the life out of them.

I help them to find their Life’s work doing what they love.

Do you feel that there should be more to your life? That you want to be doing something more meaningful that makes more of a difference to the world around you? Or perhaps you feel that there is more to work than just money?

How might it feel to be using your energy in a purposeful way, led by your Heart, for the majority of your waking hours?

During my 15+ years as a Corporate Coach, Trainer, and Leader for a Global Communications company I discovered that many people are deeply dissatisfied with their work-life; You feel like you are stuck , going round in circles with no way out and no real direction. You wonder if you will ever make a real difference, and you watch with frustration as your dreams of a meaningful Work Life seem to die a little more with each passing year…

I understand this well as I found myself in that same place a few short years ago but I took myself from that place of Frustration, Stress, and negativity where all my self-doubts and fears would regularly surface, to where I am today: Creating my own business where I get to apply my passion for helping people to break free and move towards a meaningful Work Life full of purpose.

My Business has since doubled year-on-year and I am privileged to serve clients from all over the world with client experiences ranging from: thriving in a previously stuck career to becoming a self-fulfilled, deeply confident being who has a work and personal life so great they have to pinch themselves to make sure it’s real.

In my experience (and that of my clients), You already have everything you need to achieve all you can be; it’s just a simply a case of unlocking it!

Your next step is to Find out what YOU need to achieve all you can be.

I look forward to connecting with you soon; whether online or in-person at a Live event, Presentation, or Seminar stage.

With Appreciation,


Wai Cheung is the author of the forthcoming book: Consciousness Made Simple: Break Your Patterns of Limitation, Act From the Heart, and be of Greatest Service to All.

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With Appreciation,  Wai

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