I'm a mission-driven career coach and motivational speaker who helps working professionals who are feeling stuck in their soul-draining careers find their life’s work while making a difference doing what they love.

I escaped from the corporate world, created my own successful coaching business, and have since helped hundreds of mission-driven professionals create breakthroughs that lead to their most meaningful work lives.

My signature approach focuses on creating alignment between the heart and the mind so that powerful, congruent, and effective action naturally follows. This approach has led to near-miraculous results in creating the deep inner confidence, clarity, and self-value necessary for my clients to truly make their mark on the world.

I've also led live workshops training 100+ participants in attendance, designed and facilitated Premium VIP Destination retreats,  and been a regular presenter on the international radio station ‘News for the Soul’ which has featured world-famous luminaries such as Bruce Lipton, Deepak Chopra, Gregg Braden, and Marianne Williamson.

I am available for live / online presentations, interviews, and as an expert panelist on the inner game of finding your ideal meaningful life.

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* Creator of 'The Reaction Code'
* Founder of the Purposeful Leadership Forum (UK)

* Chief Culture Officer & Head of Human Performance: CHASYR.com


The 3 most Powerful StAGES

FOR creating your Meaningful Life

Stage 1


your Current Situation

Transformyourworklife.com - Stabalize

The first stage is to create stability in your current situation. Find balance within your current circumstances and reduce the amount of energy you waste on stress, frustration, anger, and other negative reactions so you don’t do anything you might regret..! This step will allow you to keep earning your income whilst plotting your next steps.

Stage 2


with your True Direction

Connect to your true direction  www.transformyourworklife.com

The second stage is to connect deeply with your heart’s desire and align with your TRUE DIRECTION. Dive deep into your core being to uncover your unique purpose in the world so that you can spend the rest of your days guided by your own inner compass with a deep inner knowing that you are on your path. From this space, you will never feel lost again.

Stage 3


your Inner Barriers

Breakthrough your inner barriers

The third stage is where you will finally break down the inner barriers that have been holding you back and keeping you ‘playing small’. Lack of confidence, self-doubt, and fear are prime examples of the internal obstacles that slow your expansion. Without these barriers, you will take powerful, congruent, and fearless action to create your most meaningful life!

Myriam Crete.jpg

From Confusion to Clarity

...I knew I wanted to achieve more, I was aware of not being aligned and pulled in too many directions. I always felt comparing myself to others and feeling frustrated not being able to unlock the key to my higher potential and true calling.  It was a bit like seeing the pitch to play on without being able to find the entrance door! 


 Wai made it playful and easy to pull all my energy and consciousness into meaningful focus, and more importantly he shared with me the tools to continue to expand what we created together. I feel energised and more powerful than ever! 

Today not only am I very clear on my calling, my talents and how I can monetise them, I have a much better sense of direction and understanding of what to let go of in order to move forward with ease and grace.

Myriam Crete, Creative Director



Confidence and Intuition

When, at the conclusion of my 12 week programme, Wai reminded me of the problems I had when I first approached him, they seemed like a dim, distant memory of a life long ago!  It was hard to believe that the confident, intuitive person I have now become had been plagued by internal conflict, guilt and the need to be in control – just 12 weeks earlier.  I have embarked on an amazing, fun journey with Wai, who has enabled me to transform myself in ways that would have been hard to imagine when I first contacted him.

Jackie Bedford CEO


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Being World Class

Before I met Wai I was a highly successful Business Development Manager in the technology sector with a catalog of results longer than your arm however, I was rapidly feeling I could be so much more and there was a 'next level' that I wasn't reaching. I felt there was much more to me than my career and a greater purpose that I had yet to serve. 


That was when I hired Wai to help me to work out where I was going, what I could leverage from my career-to-date, and how I could make sure that I wasn’t going to just put myself into another job that would pay the bills, but would ultimately lead to a sense of unfilled potential once again. 


Today, I have a great job that allows me to develop my passion for technology, I am a micro-influencer in Blockchain space and I founded my own start -up that has the potential to change the world! 

Wai has an authentic and honest approach,  he is not afraid of crucial conversations, challenging topics; that you normally 'sweep under the carpet.'. Once you have breakthroughs and completions around these areas you grow exponentially. 


I have worked with many world-class coaches, Wai is the best of the best , he helps you achieve results that are fast whilst staying true to your identity and without compromising other areas of your life.

Navi Dhinsa

Senior Leader @ Tony Robbins Companies




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How I Can serve You

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'Get started' Resources

Get started with resources to help you to identify your Meaningful Work Life:


* Uncover Your Meaningful Work Life Self-Directing Questionnaire


* Online Video and Audio Workshops  

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Focused Group Coaching

Create Transformation for your work life and personal development within the intimate environment of a small, group of like-minded individuals focused on the same goals. 

  • Expand your learning through a shared journey 

  • Amplify your experience and capabilities together

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1-on-1 Premium Coaching

Delivered through a Premium 1:1 relationship. 

  • 1:1 Coaching and development

  • Customized program

  • Advanced Concepts & Practices

  • Ideal for High performing individuals