What Are ‘Applied Consciousness Technologies’?

Personal/Professional Transformation through the application of ‘Consciousness Technologies’

Consciousness Technologies are the latest cutting edge, yet practical approaches to reconnecting you with your potential capabilities and true abilities as a human being.

This approach is focused on aligning your Mind and Heart so that you can take Powerful Congruent Action.

Right now, you have conflict between how you THINK your life should be and how you actually FEEL it is, this CONFLICT wastes your energy and keeps you from being the best version of yourself.

You have the ability and the power inside you to change this. You have probably felt it before, when you were in a moment where everything was just effortless and perfect… Those moments still live inside you and it’s simply a case of clearing away the 'junk' to allow that deep inner confidence, power, and potential to materialize into your everyday life!

Your Deeper Awareness knows all there is to know about you and your Body has been trying to communicate that to you through your reactions and responses to the world around you.

Accessing Your Deeper Awareness gives you the starting point from which powerful, profound, and lasting change can be brought into your life and where Real, Tangible, and Measurable transformations become something that is part of your ‘normal’ world.

Alignment of the Heart and Mind allows you to take Powerful Congruent Action, where you will move forwards, expanding into a Work Life full of purpose, passion, and meaning.

This is what Applied Consciousness Technologies mean in the ‘real’ world; creating deep fundamental changes for the Emotional, Physical, Psychological, and Spiritual aspects of your Self, and Ultimately, creating what you will experience and achieve HERE, in THIS LIFE.

WHY Work Life? 

Simple; you spend more than 2/3 of your waking hours working. In a 12 hour day, you will have used up 8+ hours either In work, or thinking/worrying about work.


Imagine what would happen if you resolve your issues around this area, if you could save the energy that you currently waste at 'work':

  • You would have more time and energy to do the things that you want to

  • You could spend more time with your loved ones

  • You can explore your passions and creativity in ways you haven’t since childhood

  • You will finally start taking action that feels in line with a deeper purpose

  • You can ultimately break free of your limits and truly make a difference in the world…!

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