My Name is Wai Cheung, I’m the owner & Lead Coach at Trans.Form.

I work with Heart-Centred Professionals who feel trapped in work that drains the life out of them.

I help them to find their Life’s work doing what they love and making a difference.

Do you feel that there should be more to your life? That you want to be doing something more meaningful that makes more of a difference to the world around you? Or perhaps you feel that there is more to work than just making money?

How might it feel to be using your time and energy in a purposeful way, led by your Heart, for the majority of your waking hours?

During my 15+ years as a Corporate Coach, Trainer, and Leader for a Global Communications company I discovered that many people are deeply dissatisfied with their work-life; You feel like you are stuck , going round in circles with no way out and no real direction. You wonder if you will ever make a real difference, and you watch with frustration as your dreams of a meaningful Work Life seem to die a little more with each passing year…

I understand this well as I found myself in that same place a few short years ago but I took myself from that place of Frustration, Stress, and negativity where all my self-doubts and fears would regularly surface, to where I am today: Creating my own business where I get to apply my passion for helping people to break free and move towards a meaningful Work Life full of purpose.

My Business has since doubled year-on-year and I am privileged to serve clients from all over the world with client experiences ranging from: thriving in a previously stuck career to becoming a self-fulfilled, deeply confident being who has a work and personal life so great they have to pinch themselves to make sure it’s real!

In my experience (and that of my clients), You already have everything you need to achieve all you can be; it’s just a simply a case of unlocking it!

Your next step is to Find out what YOU need to achieve all you can be.


I look forward to connecting with you soon; whether online or in-person at a Live event, Presentation, or Seminar stage.

I hope to connect with you soon and to be of service,

With Appreciation,



* Creator of 'The Reaction Code'
* Founder of the Purposeful Leadership Forum (UK)

* Chief Culture Officer & Head of Human Performance: CHASYR.com